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Monthly "I Am Prolific" Class Begins in...


Money Loves Speed: How To Create Instant Authority Faster Than Most Think Is Even Possible



     As I said in the video... (What? You didn't watch the video? WTF? Scroll up — it’s only 7:53 minutes long!)

     I wrote my first book several years ago when I was a high-end consultant in the marketing automation space. I had wanted to write it for three years... but there was something holding me back. At the time I didn’t know what it was, but today I know it was simply a lack of confidence in my writing.

     I had never written or published a book before and I thought it must be way more complicated than it actually was to do (fear of the tech) and I was just not sure I was a good enough writer (lack of confidence) to pull it off. 

     I bought every book available in my niche and read them all. I was NOT impressed and I knew that I could do better. But still, I kept procrastinating... the book remained “in my head”.

     Then one December about half way through the month, I looked down at the calendar and realized we were about to “flip the year” and once again my book wasn’t written. I COULD NOT LET THAT HAPPEN AGAIN.

     I got fired up and DECIDED in that moment that come hell or high water I was going to write my book before the end of the year. But there were only 12 days left, could I do it? I was determined to, and so the next day I got up at 3:00am and started writing.

     Eight (8) days later I completed my book, a full 60,000 word positional book in my niche that commanded authority and I boldly claimed the name... Infusionsoft Mastery. I knew what I knew... and I knew I knew it at a level of Mastery, and so I bolded claimed exactly that in the very title of the book.

     The entire book was written and complete within those eight long days. It was a massive undertaking but it was incredibly rewarding to have it done. There was only one small problem...

I Hadn’t Actually Published It!

     I wrote it. 


    I edited it.

     I did the artwork for the cover.

     I even uploaded it to Amazon.

     But... I stopped there. I didn’t actually hit the submit button and PUBLISH it until a full year later. Yes, a full year...


     Lack of confidence. I wrote it and I felt good about it, at first. But then, in an act of trying to boost my confidence, I had someone else read it and they really critiqued the hell out of it. I felt like I was back in grade school and my English teacher was red-lining my entire book!

     “Too much rambling.”


     “Too many grammar mistakes.”

     “Too many run-on sentences.”

     “Too much use of the ‘passive’ voice!”

It's NOT Just Me...


Look... this offer would be an amazing offer already if it were just ME bringing it to you. But it’s not...


    I have partnered with the one guy that I trust the most as a coach to be in your corner too. In fact, this is the one guy that I paid for years as my own personal coach and now he’s going to be YOUR coach too! He has developed massive programs for some of the best marketers in the industry and was the right hand man to two of the largest. He is friends with most all of the top online marketers and has been a part of more big projects and 8-figure companies than anyone I know.

     Numerous well-known marketers pay him $3k per month for just an hour a week of his time and he’s frequently referred to as “the mentor's mentor”. When I worked with him, he personally added more than $256k to my business introducing me to a literal “who's who” of top Internet Marketers and New York Times Best Selling authors — even getting me audiences with people like Frank Kern, Todd Brown and others — both of which I did book sponsorships with on my first Amazon Best Selling book, Infusionsoft Mastery.

      Many of his close friends are New York Times Best Selling authors: Joel Comm, Jeffrey Gitomer, Daven Michaels, Ron Douglas and many others. Shoot he even helped Frank Rumbauskas become a NYT Best Selling author and later one of my $30k mastermind clients as well. All of his NYT author friends have been asking him for YEARS, “When is your book coming out?” He has wanted to write a book for OVER 15 years, but has admitted that he’s had many fears that have prevented him from doing it (yet)...

     But get this...

     He’s so psych’ed to be partnering up with me on this Prolific Publishing Group that I put the squeeze to him... that’s right... I’m making him put up or shut up and he is going to be going through this 30-day book creation process WITH YOU! Motivating you, coaching you and LEADING you as he writes his own book in this same 30-day timeframe right along side of you. After all, he is a marine... and that is how leading is done!

     I could tell you his name... but well... security clearances and all... haha... some surprises are better off unspoiled, right? But you are getting a Navy Nuke and a Marine... and...

Two Does NOT a Group Make...


    But I’m not done...

     No, the one and only Nicole English is also a key member of the Prolific Publishing Group... what can I say... it’s a threesome!

     Nicole is absolutely mission critical for me in my various businesses and in this one, she is a partner. Nicole is an amazing “NO-BS cut to the chase give you a check-up-from the neck-up” kind of coach and her clients absolutely love her.

     Be warned though, with two military guys and an Kiwi-Aussie gal (the two of us almost are on par with her - haha), you are not going to have any excuses in this program. This is full-frontal accountability!

It's a Framework, NOT a System...


    Look, I don’t believe in systems — I am a framework guy.


     Look, if writing a book could be systemized then that means a robot could do it and I don’t know about you, but I’m not all that interested in a robot authored book — I can’t even tolerate the AI-based robot audio voices, let alone a no-personality having robot book! Talk about cringe-worthy...

     No, a book requires personality... real experience... a voice... a storyline... so I don’t teach a systematic approach to book writing, but rather a framework centric model. We are all different and have different styles. You need a framework that you can stay within, yes... but it has to be flexible and adaptable to YOUR best approach.

     So that is exactly what I have built.

     During the last few years of authoring books, I have used various methods. Each has its pros and cons and you can be successful with all of them. Some approaches will work faster than others, but in the end, the approach has to align with YOU and your strengths. So we will figure that out together and you will be able to pick the path that makes the most sense for you.

     And look... I think I know a thing or two about this process. Here’s why and here’s why I can boldly claim to be able to help you write your first (or next) book faster than you ever though possible. 


In Just the Last 30 Days

I Have Written Six Books!

     I always push hard in December and January. Those that know me well, or have been on my list for years, know that I make a very concerted effort each December to push four times as hard as everyone else “phoning it in for the holidays”.       

If they want to get all fat, dumb and happy on Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas binge shopping, that’s fine... but me? I knuckle down and get to work doubly hard! This year was no exception, and in fact, this year was my most prolific 30-day period ever!     

These are the books that I have written just in the past 30 days alone:

Memoirs of Mastery Issue #13: The Gargantuan Gladiator's Guide to Group Coaching

Memoirs of Mastery Issue #14: The Walk ’n Talk Method to Insanely Expeditious Content Creation

Memoirs of Mastery Book of the Year — a massive 110k word hardbound “Executive” large format book though in full disclosure only about 23k words of the book were new content as it was a compilation style book.

Memoirs of Mastery Book of the Year Addendum — a bonus book created in a single day last weekend from the cover, to the writing, editing and even fully ready for print-on-demand fulfillment in a weekend.

Mediocrity Escapes Me — This was actually the first book I ever wrote down onto my list of books I wanted to write. So I figured that when I first launched a “write a book in 30-days training” last month, I would challenge myself to finally complete it! It only seemed fitting...

Another Memoirs of Mastery bonus book that I cannot reveal the name of because I am going to be giving it away to all of my subscribers of Memoirs of Mastery in March and I don’t want to let the cat out of the ole digital bag...

      So when I say that I am prolific, I mean it.       

All of these books were written by me, no ghost writers. And most of them were also narrated by me as well. I also used a new method I have been honing for the past several months that I will be teaching in this 30-day training...      

But... if we go back a little farther and look...

In the Last 13 Months

I Wrote a Total of 20 Books!


    I want you to transparently SHOW you the full list of books that I have created in the past 13 months so that you don’t think I am exaggerating. Here is the list:

The six books already listed above... plus...

The Delightful Torment of Painful Clarity 

The Delicate Art of Ideal Client Cultivation 

The Simple Marketing Strategy of Seductive Storyselling 

The Subtle Allure of Blatant Candor and Total Transparency 

The Exuberant Strategy to Becoming Profusely Prolific 

The Coach’s Guide to the Learniverse 

A Diabolical Deep Dive Into Your Buyer’s Secret Wants, Needs and Desires 

The Illusive Elegance of Self-Documenting Systems, SOPs & Copious Checklists 

The Astonishingly Influential Power of Brazenly Transparent Leadership

The Splendid Simplicity of Subtle Selling (Especially For Those That Don’t Like Selling) 

A Contrarian's Guide to Peak Performance The Year-End Business Building Mastery Guide

The 41 Laws of the Learniverse

Membership Makeover

All Created Without...


    Look, I have no problem with using Ghost writers. I feel they provide a great service, it is just not something that I ever intend on using. I have never used a Ghost writer and probably never will.

      So I want to be 100% transparent and clear with you.

      Every book written by me and mentioned above was entirely written by me, all that were narrated (which is 85% of them) were also narrated personally by me. And, in fact, most all (except two) were edited by me as well. I am not cutting corners and just slapping my name on a ghost written book.

     I am a military man and honor and integrity are paramount to me. I do NOT play marketing games and I do NOT use ghost writers. I have, however, begun to hire out some of the editing process in order to streamline my time and improve the quality (it’s hard to edit your own books, you simply do not find your own mistakes).

What Changed in the

Past 30 Days?

     Starting with my sixth book in my Memoirs of Mastery series written back in May of 2020, I began experimenting with a new writing technique I call “audible writing”. This is a technique I teach and go into very deeply within this 30-day training program. I have written 13 books now using this audible writing structure and it has radically improved my speed at getting a book completed.


    Remember, what I teach is a framework, not a system. One of the options of my approach includes this audible writing methodology, but it is NOT a requirement. I know that each of us has our own style and so I have multiple techniques that I teach within this training.

All of which I have personally used to create multiple books.

"But Troy, I Don't Want

to Write 20 Books!"


    Look I get it... and there is NO NEED for you to write more than one, that may be all you want to do and that is totally fine. The beautiful part about this training though is that you will have this skill now and how many times you use it is entirely up to you!

     If you just want to write one book, great. But if you want to go on and become highly prolific in your business marketing or just want to flood your niche with titles, you can do that too! Either way, myself, [unnamed marine] and Nicole will be here to help you GET IT DONE!


      But this is the one most crucial takeaway that I want to make sure you understand:

This is NOT theory!


    The reason I went into excruciating detail in naming all of the books that I have written above is because I want you to know that everything I teach is taught from experience, not theory. There is nothing I loathe more than some “wannabe” self-proclaimed x-pert who’s done something ONCE ever in his life selling you as though he has experience.

     Look, in the 30-day sprint from mid-December through mid-January I pumped out 244,000 words of content in the six books I wrote. THIS IS NOT THEORY. What I am teaching you is based on real world experience and what I personally do.

Here's What You Get:

Expert guided assistance in creating your book

Access to our private walled garden for privacy and focus

(definitely NOT Facebook)

Community of like minded authors and experts each committed to completing their book in this month

Step-by-step plan to help you complete your book no matter what your starting point is (even if it is already partially written)

Troy’s 4 methods of writing your book, depending on what works best for you, the pick your own adventure that all leads to completion!

Troy’s Technical & Tactical Resources — how to get your book published, tools, templates, etc...

Triple Threat Accountability and Support — and it’s from three kickass coaches that care about YOUR success!

DAILY email guidance to walk you through the process

DAILY insights and guidance inside of our secret private community from your coaches AND with the feedback and encouragement of the community as a whole

WEEKLY LIVE COACHING with [unnamed kickass marine] or myself or Nicole

Extended access to our alumni community AFTER the 30-day training is complete

You'll Also Get:

A print copy of my newest inspirational bookMediocrity Escapes Me shipped to you free of charge nearly anywhere in the world (a PDF will be supplied if for some reason we are unable to ship to you)

(3) Other Sample Print Books shipped to you nearly anywhere in the world (free shipping included) that will allow you to see exactly how different sized books, fonts and paper choices look to allow you to sculpt your perfect creation.

And Here's What You'll Get

When Your Book is Completed!

Personal pride

Feeling of accomplishment

Envy from your peers

Kudos from your friends and family

The ultimate business card (you and your new book)

Yes, I’m a published author

“Who should I write this autograph to?”

A potential door opener for your ideal clients — “I wrote the book on that very topic, what’s your address and I’ll send you a copy?”

“I literally wrote the book on that...” — Your new favorite answer! haha

     I want you to imagine yourself at an upcoming conference. There are thousands of people in attendance and the CEO is on stage, just wrapping up his keynote presentation. Then he opens up to the floor for open mic questions.     

And then it happens...           

Not one... but two questions to the CEO from the crowd quoting YOU and referencing YOUR BOOK, putting the CEO in the hotspot and instantly giving you immediate and massive credibility in front of a room full of the most ideal 3,000 potential clients you could possibly find.           

That is not just a hypothetical situation either. That is EXACTLY what happened to me the year after I wrote my book at the #1 largest annual conference in the marketplace. It was truly a hair-raising experience for me and one I will never forget.           

At this point, there truly is only one thing left to do...           

Scroll down and place your order and let’s get your book rolling! It ain’t gonna write itself now is it?


No Earnings Projections, Promises or Representations 

You recognize and agree that we have made no implications, warranties, promises, suggestions, projections, representations or guarantees whatsoever to you about future prospects or earnings, or that you or your business will earn any money, with respect to your purchase of this training, and that we have not authorized any such projection, promise, or representation by others. 

Any earnings or income statements, or any earnings or income examples, are only estimates of what we think a business or its owners could earn. There is no assurance you or your business will do as well as stated in any examples. If you rely upon any figures provided, you must accept the entire risk of not doing as well as the information provided. This applies whether the earnings or income examples are monetary in nature or pertain to advertising credits which may be earned (whether such credits are convertible to cash or not.  

There is no assurance that any prior successes or past results as to earnings or income (whether monetary or advertising credits, whether convertible to cash or not) will apply, nor can any prior successes be used, as an indication of your future success or results from use of this training or any of the information, content, or strategies provided at our website, community or app and in our communications with you. Any and all claims or representations as to income or earnings (whether monetary or advertising credits, whether convertible to cash or not) are not to be considered as "average earnings".

Your Success or Lack of It 

Your success in this training, the information, strategies and tactics provided at our website, community and app and in our communications with you depends upon a variety of factors. We have no way of knowing how well you will do, as we do not know you, your background, your work ethic, your dedication, your motivation, your desire, or your business skills or practices. Therefore, we do not guarantee or imply that you will get rich, that you will do as well, or that you or your business will have any earnings (whether monetary or advertising credits, whether convertible to cash or not) at all. 

Business ventures and earnings derived therefrom involve unknown risks and are not suitable for everyone. You may not rely on any information presented on the Website or otherwise provided by us, unless you do so with the knowledge and understanding that you and your business can experience significant losses, including, but not limited to, the loss of any monies paid to TroyBroussard.com LLC dba Prolific Publishing Group, and/or any monies spent setting up, operating, and/or marketing courses and other training provided.

Here's what some January clients had to say...

Daniela Liscio

Profit Pirate Coaching Client, 30-Day Business Book Client 

“Wow, Troy does not disappoint with Mediocrity Escapes Me!

His incredibly specific, day to day guidance is exactly what some of us dreamers need to stay focused and on the straight and narrow to put a framework for writing a book fast into action.

My first book took me two years ... and my second was almost entirely done in a month.

The program was so fun I won’t even hold his bad mouthing Tom Brady against him!”

“Mediocrity Escapes Me” is 1 of the best courses I’ve ever invested in.

Troy makes the big scary book writing process extremely simple and is with you every step of the way.

My favorite part of this project is the areas OUTSIDE of the book that this course helped me in:

For example, in addition to having my full book outline, cover and title done, I also:

+ Have a 10 minute comedy set done I’ve been procrastinating on for 4 years that I’ll be performing in front of an audience in a few weeks (using Troy’s writing and deadline techniques)

+ Joined a dance studio and have a recital upcoming as well

+ Signed 3 new clients that can “smell” the productivity oozing off of me

Thanks again for this course Troy.

For those of you “thinking” about it, just sign up and thank me later.

Michael Trillsteen

Memoirs of Mastery Subscriber

30-Day Business Book Client

Jessica Hietala

Memoirs of Mastery Subscriber, 30-Day Business Book Client 

Troy not only answered my questions but answered questions that I didn't even know I had.

Troy was in the lair DAILY responding to us and leading us. The quality of the group is motivating. I grew based on the questions and comments from the other members. No complaining, no excuses, just work getting done. 

I signed up to write a specific book (a "how-to" manual) and was immediately challenged with that goal. I never intended to write the book I'm writing now. It's too hard to put into words, it'll take too long to write, other people write those types of books but not me. 

No worries because now I have the tools, the skills, and the know-how necessary to publish my book. A book that wasn't even an idea three weeks ago. A book that I now see ascrucial not only to my business but to the people who will read it. 

As a bonus, when I do write the "how-to" books I know I'll write them faster and I'm confident I'll publish multiple of that type of book in a month. 

Thank you Troy for sharing your knowledge and time.

“I’ve been intending to write a book for at least 10 years but “something” always managed to get in the way. Some of them were genuine reasons - a house move, our six year old son’s 3.5 years of chemotherapy treatment. Others were nothing but poor excuses - I’m too busy/I don’t have the time/I’m tired/Nobody would read my book/Insert-Your-Own-Excuse-Here!

Before Troy’s training, writing a book seemed a BIG effort, one involving unknown amounts of time and effort. And there were just SO many questions (which I thought were also pretty good excuses to not write a book): Where should I start? How long does my book need to be? What should I write about?

Troy’s training was a much needed kick up the butt, to move me from THINKING about writing a book “someday” (i.e. never!) to actually DOING IT. From zero words to completed book.

The training felt very much like the song from Peter Pan, “I’m following the leader…”.

Anyone who has followed Troy's work output over the last 12 months knows just how ridiculously prolific he has been. That made him the leader to follow. Why the heck wouldn’t I take advantage of his offer to follow along with him as he wrote a book while mapping out his exact process for me to use at the same time?

By following Troy’s framework and taking action on his daily “must do” posts, I’ve made more progress writing my book in the last month than I had in the previous decade! (While that is a pretty poor reflection of my procrastination over a decade, I prefer to think of it as being a better reflection on the quality of Troy’s training over the last month!)

Thanks Troy. With this training, you’ve helped me go from “Should Do” to “Doing" to (very, very nearly) “Done”!”

Mike Clarke

Memoirs of Mastery Subscriber

30-Day Business Book Client

Marko Brelih

Memoirs of Mastery Subscriber, 30-Day Business Book Client 

Troy made, what I once thought of as impossible, a reality. Having spent countless years reading in school and for pleasure, I never seriously considered the possibility that I could write a book myself. 

It was one of those things that ‘would be cool to do,’ but was more of a passing thought than an intentional objective. However, with where I was in my business, and in wanting to further differentiate myself and break into more high-level organizations, I realized the value in having a credibility-boosting and relationship-building sales asset. 

Before I started down the path, I had many doubts - not so much whether I could produce the ‘words,’ but rather if I could take care of all the ‘little things,’ such as the structure, design, formatting, and publishing. 

The beauty of Troy’s method was twofold. First off, every step of the process was clear, bite-sized, and straightforward to complete, if you did the work. Yes, there was a lot of work and daily commitment involved, which leads me to the second point. Troy led us by example, pushing the group to inch forward each and every day, all while providing us with the tools and resources to push past any roadblocks. 

As of writing, I am but days away from getting a final proof delivered - one last step before publishing. Start to finish, it took me approximately 25 days while working full-time with clients and spending a week of that time in Florida relaxing; the bulk completed in a two-week period. 

If you’re serious about writing your first book, or have one itching to get out of you, then I would recommend working with Troy and his team. Aside from you and your work ethic, they’ll provide you with everything else you may need.

Troy breaks down every aspect of publishing a book into simple steps that even beginners can do. He also destroys all of your excuses for not getting it done.

Every day of this program is packed with value. Out of the gate was the unbelievably efficient tip of _________ and then ______. I was skeptical, so I tried it the traditional way first. My first day I typed 2,000+ words and it took nearly 90 minutes. Second day: I used his method and over 4,300 words in under 45 minutes.

Troy teaches stuff that are critical for the success of the book yet makes it easy:

Cover design recommendations and instructions for outsourcing it. Page layouts, increasing the page count, maximizing the visual appeal, leveraging QR codes etc.

One of the things that could set your business apart is speed of execution. Being able to write a book in 30 days could be an insurmountable competitive advantage. See something on social media write a book and publish it next month. Hear about a hot trend? Write a book and publish it next month. You would become a thought leader in your field in no time.

Plus, think about all of the follow-on programs, content, and materials that you would be able to create from your books. Turn each chapter of your book into a class. Do a paid speaking engagement on the book. The possibilities are endless.

Plus, how cool is it to say you are an author? Thanks to Troy, I’m days away.

Mike Peterson

Memoirs of Mastery Subscriber

30-Day Business Book Client 

Jeremy Hoover

Memoirs of Mastery Subscriber, 30-Day Business Book Client 

It's been phenomenal working with Troy! I never thought I could write and publish a book in 30 days...but I did, and in only 26 days! Troy breaks down the daily habits necessary to accomplish this and walks you through these steps with simplicity. Troy is very generous with his time and often creates videos and audios to teach on aspects of publishing and writing. Highly recommended if you're looking to write a book and get it published!

Troy's 30-day "get your book done" challenge is everything I needed to get out of overthinking and into action with my book. He helped me cut through the overthinker mind babble I wasn't sure how to get out of, and his wisdom guided me into developing the self-trust I was missing.  

And his strategies and shortcuts to reduce friction in the planning and writing, and actually get my book finished, were even better than I'd imagined. Not coincidentally, the 30 days I've spent in Troy's book challenge have been among my most prolific ever.

If you're ready to make more progress on your book than you dreamed was possible in a mere 30 days, there's no one better than Troy to guide you through the process.

Andrea Dell

Memoirs of Mastery Subscriber

30-Day Business Book Client

Faith Sage

Memoirs of Mastery Subscriber, 30-Day Business Book Client 

I never thought I could write a book in 30 days. 

Like literally from mental concept to published on Amazon… holy hell mind blown. 

But I am literally pushing the publish now button on Amazon AND in less than 30 days time. 

Thank you Troy Broussard for creating such an easy to follow, easy to navigate and easy to understand program - Mediocrity Escapes Me - that walked me through your entire publishing process.

Troy's approach enables you to eliminate all rules and break through your mental boundaries that are currently living inside your head. It drastically reduces any friction that one will encounter while going through this very demanding process... yet it doesn't feel demanding or difficult. It's broken down into VERY easy and small bites of daily To-Do's. The best part about it for me was the insight I gained into Troy's mindset and discipline, which has leaked into other areas of my personal and business life. 

Additionally, where else on earth are you going to find someone who has written 20 books in the past 18 months willing to teach you how to write a book? He shows you how to rapidly get it written, how to edit, do the formatting, pick a title, get the cover design, how to find a low cost and high quality designer and so much more. Try to put a price tag on that Opportunity Cost. 

Get off the fence and Go sign up already.

Jake Edling

Memoirs of Mastery Subscriber

30-Day Business Book Client 

Anis Snani

Memoirs of Mastery Subscriber, 30-Day Business Book Client 

I've always been wondering what it takes to write a book and was a believer that it was reserved to some elite class of writers with that cliché in mind them spending months or years typing the thing alone in a house near a lake or so and the pain that goes with the blank page, the editing and all that drama...Troy with his unique approach that I discovered with his Mediocrity Escape Me Challenge blew this writers myths away starting from day 1. 

In those 30 days, I've been able to write my book in a ridiculously short amount of time and more important than that Troy goes way beyond that and overdelivers as he always does, to give you all that you need to avoid the challenges that come after the writing is done and this is where the gold really is on my point of view because if he didn't, my book would probably still in draft mode for another year or so. 

This is why I've signed up for the February training too without a shadow of a doubt because baby I am a freacking published author now and that's thanks to C'app'N Troy B!

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